The Evolution of the Dirt Bike

The Evolution of the Dirt Bike

The evolution of the dirt bike takes us back in time when what we know today as motorcycles were merely bicycles with a gasoline engine attached.

To this very day no person or company has been credited with the invention of the very first dirt bike.

Triumph did design a motorcycle especially for dirt riding in 1914 however the company is not been given credit for building the first dirt bike so we must look further for answers to the evolution of the dirt bike.

The origins of motocross take us back to Europe, possibly France where these early motorcycles could be found racing through the woods and the top of mountain roads for publicity.

The Evolution of the Dirt Bike

The name in use today motocross comes from the combination of the name motorcycle and cross country.

Eventually the races were moved to a much shorter track and the track was closed off so spectators could better view the races and the races could be monitored more closely.

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In 1946 then Soichiro Honda had the idea of coming out with cheap transportation for the people after the war ended.

Honda at the time being the largest manufacture of motorcycles in the world became known for dirt bikes.

Soon to follow were Suzuki in 1954, Yamaha in 1955 and Kawasaki in 1060.

In 1972 Honda was the first to design a 2 stroke motocross motor just for competition and it’s name was the Elsinore CR250.

It arrived in the U.S. and was the fastest dirt bike for competition in the world at the time.

The 1970’s saw the dirt bikes’ birth as a popular off road form of recreation and the Japanese companies soon put out a line of dirt bikes to fit every racers needs from children to adults.

The popularity of dirt bikes in America has grown and today is a house hold name with so many advances in design today everyone across America enjoys dirt bike riding and racing and we have the best dirt bikes on the market.

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