Save Your Knees: Use Knee Guards

Save Your Knees: Use Knee Guards

Roaring high speeds, long jumps, and bone crushing crashes are factors in riding a dirt bike.

Although riding a dirt bike can be exhilarating, it is crucial to take precautions to prevent injury and long term damage to the body.

Although many people think of dirt bike injuries occurring from crashes many injuries are due to stress on the bones, ligaments, and tendons.

One major area prone to injury is the knee.

The great news is most injuries are preventable if the rider wears knee guards.

You still may be asking yourself why knee guards are important.

Let’s look at the obvious reason: crashes.

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If a rider does not have on knee guards and they happen to crash their dirt bike, the likelihood of a knee injury is sky high.

Without a knee guard there is nothing to protect the knee cap or the tendons and muscles attached to the knee cap.

If the rider is wearing a knee guard, the probability of a knee injury is drastically decreased because the knee guard will protect the knee and the area around it.

Crashes are not the only reason to wear a knee guard.

It is also important to wear a knee guard to help prevent stress injuries to the knee.

When a dirt bike comes to a landing after a jump, there is a lot of stress placed on the knee.

In this event, a knee guard can stabilize the knee to prevent injury.

In short, whether you are riding for fun or competition it is crucial to wear knee guards to prevent crash and stress injuries to the knee.

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