Regular Dirt Bike Parts Checks

Regular Dirt Bike Parts Checks

All motorcycles are vulnerable to some wear and tear, depending on the conditions in which they are used.

Dirt bikes are built to be durable and to take some punishment, but they too, sometimes need parts replacements.

It’s important to conduct regular routine checks on parts to ensure that your bike is always in good running shape.

Regular Dirt Bike Parts Checks


To check bearings, you need to put your bike on a stand with the front wheel off the ground.

Then try and move the forks.

If there is movement besides the normal suspension travel, there is a good chance that you should replace the bearings.

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First start up your bike.

If you have a two stroke engine, listen for any odd sounds.

If you hear slapping or snapping sounds, the piston may be worn and might need to be replaced.

If your bike has a four stroke engine listen to the top of the engine motor for rhythmic noises, and make sure that there aren’t any rumbling or growling sounds coming from the bottom of the engine.

3-Brake pads.

Many different types of materials and chemicals can become embedded in brake pads, which could lead to the pads deteriorating.

You should find out from your dealer or bike manufacturer how often they recommend replacing the brake pads.

Often, just looking at the brake pads isn’t a good enough determining factor.

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This is very important, especially if you enjoy giving your bike a workout on very rough terrain.

You should check the tread on the tires after every ride to make sure they are not smooth.

Give extra attention to the front tire.

Depending on how harsh the trails are, tires can actually lose their traction on as little as one ride.


Always remember to regularly check parts like cables, linkage bearings, throttle, axles, chain and sprockets, and replace them when needed.

Also try to keep the engine clean and well-lubed.

Checking over your parts on a regular basis will help keep your bike healthy and on the trails—it can be depressing when your bike gets laid up for a time from something that was preventable.

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