Dirt Bike Riding Tips

Dirt Bike Riding Tips

When you purchase your first bike there are a few tips to learn about upper body positioning, acceleration, and braking.

Believe it or not, turning is not something that a beginner needs to focus on first.

Master these three tips when dirt bike riding and learning to turn will not be so difficult.

The first thing to do is to sit on the bike.

Be sure the bike is the right size for you.

Sometimes beginners will sit too far back, but the key words to remember when bike riding is to move forward.

You want to sit forward on the indented spot that is next to the gas tank.

You can not sit close enough to actually sit on the tank.

As you drive you should be far enough forward to put both feet on the foot pegs and stand up, all without pulling the handle bars.

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Also, keep your eyes well down the road and not up close on the bike.

If you are looking to close in to the bike or down at the bike you will not develop a smooth ride.

The seating position affects your acceleration and braking.

When you begin to acceleration it will feel like you are being pushed backwards.

Most beginners sit to far back and pull on the handle bars not feeling this force.

That is something you do not want to do.

Instead, press down and back on the foot pegs while leaning forward even further.

Breaking will also push you backward.

So, simply squeeze the gas tank between your legs when breaking to keep you from falling backwards.

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