How to maintain your dirt bike

Posted on May 7th, 2018 by admin in Dirt Bike Riding Maintenance

Open or closed dirt bikes are popular for recreational purpose or riding on rough terrains. There is a lot of excitement and thrill associated with dirt bikes. Apart from riding these bikes, it is also important to maintain your dirt bike with proper care and regular check up. This ensures that the bike is in good working condition before a race or a road trip.

Dirt bike maintenance would include a routine check for wear and tear of the wheel bearings. Maintenance of the bike’s power valves is usually ignored. It is essential for them to be in good shape for the dirt bike to run smoothly. The brake fluid also tends to absorb moisture after a few races or rides. Hence, it should be changed periodically to prevent it from getting contaminated.

Another important tip for a smoother dirt bike ride is to do a frequent check of the mufflers. They can make your bike annoyingly noisy if not repacked. Other dirt bike maintenance tips would include the regular aspects of checking the tire pressure and cable and controls inspection for a good performance. Always inspect the breaks, air filters and do an overhaul of the bike for any missing bolts, spokes and other technical problems.

Always wash your dirt bike after you return from a ride. Dirt bikes are used on off-road adventures and tend to gather lot of dust. To maintain your dirt bike in good shape, check all the parts of the bike regularly. In case of difficulty, consult a technician depending on your budget, reviews and references from known sources.

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