Carolina Adventure World Dirt Bike Trail

Posted on June 8th, 2018 by admin in Dirt Bike Riding Tips

Carolina Adventure World is a hidden treasure of adventure which is just waiting to be discovered by the outdoor enthusiast. Located in the Old English District of South Carolina, this secluded gem is a land of excitement where once you pass through the gates, all your worries simply melt away. Visitors to Carolina Adventure World can experience every imaginable adventure right from the seat of their own bike.

Their slogan simply says it all: “We are here to ride”. Well-maintained gravel roads are perfect for an easy, laid-back tour for families as they provide access to various areas of the trail and are labeled with green markers indicating an easier level. Venture off the main roads if you desire to tackle one of the numerous hand-cut trails where you will be surrounded by natural hardwoods amongst mountain terrain. There trails harbor a natural playground of rocky terrain outcroppings and winding inclines for the technical rider. These regions are labeled with blue and black markers as you trek deeper into the trails. Throughout the trail, paths intertwine allowing you to adjust your route to rerun a particular course or to head back to the visitor center to exchange adventure stories.

The park offers over 100 miles of picturesque views and are teeming with wildlife. Commonly seen are whitetail deer, foxes, coyotes and an occasional black bear roams the secluded country side. The trail also has many lakes and streams which are full of fish, so bring your tackle and wet your line for an opportunity to catch dinner.

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